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Dr. Bergonzi provides this service also in German and Italian.
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These are all evaluations and assessments through documentation, interviews and tests aimed at verifying and intervening on the following topics:

  • Assessment (neuropsychological and clinical) of clinical and legal capacity
  • Assessment of psychic biological damage
  • Assessment of bullying damage
  • Technical consultancy (CTPI)
  • Custody assessments
  • Hearing of minors
  • Assessment of parental suitability for adoption / entrust
  • Assessment of witness reliability (witness psychology, including on minors victims of abuse)
  • Graphic expertise to ascertain the belonging and authenticity of writings and signatures (private writings, wills, etc.)
  • Consultancy to mediation in civil and administrative fields

All the psychodiagnostic tools used (personality scales, projective tests, neuropsychological batteries, etc.) are objective, validated and standardised,and therefore highly reliable and internationally recognised.

All diagnostic and expert operations, including the drafting of opinions and technical advice, can also be carried out in English, German and French.

Legal and forensic psychology assesses the person from a psychological point of view (the intellectual, emotional and behavioral aspects of the human psyche) in relation to the legal position and role played in the family, in school, in work and professional surroundings, and in particular:

  • Personality factors (intelligence, character, attitudes, needs, trends, motivations, stimuli, socialization)
  • Personality conditions (mental fragility, intellectual impairment, psychosomatic stress, mental fatigue, mental morbidity, social danger)
  • Psychological aspects following separation, divorce, national and international adoption, hetero-family child custody, child abuse and sexual abuse, group violence, mental and psychological disturbance of the victim, paedophilia and sects
  • Children at risk of deviance, main factors in "criminal careers", bullying, "flock", addiction and exploitation
  • Psychological aspects of the criminal liability of children and adults
  • Behaviour of the "witness", effects of the prison sentence
  • Assessment / measurement of mental impairment
  • Observation and psychological description of deviant behaviour and guilt
  • Technical advice and psychological expertise, in civil and criminal matters, for the Court of Justice.

It often involves collaboration with other professionals: lawyers, forensic doctors, psychiatrists, in the perspective of complementarity and multidisciplinarity and with institutional figures such as Public Prosecutors and Judges.

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