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Education Psychology represents an area of psychology that studies the psychological aspects related to educational processes and, in particular, the psychological mechanisms related to learning, proposing to elaborate contents and didactic methods in order to obtain maximum effectiveness from the educational process, and psychopedagogists are interested in possible improvements that can be made to school and learning conditions.

Some psycho-pedagogists have specialised in classroom management, helping teachers develop both psychological and social skills to create a smooth and productive school environment.

Recently, psychopedagogy has also developed an explicit clinical dimension of the Methodology of Functional Diagnosis: a psychodiagnostic procedure aimed at evaluating the psychological and behavioural components generally employed in the School to investigate the influence of family contexts on academic performance, and to measure the severity of situations of serious disability and socio-relational distress.

The professional profile of the pedagogist

The pedagogist is a professional regulated in accordance with Law 4/2013 and qualified according to Law 205/2017 which, independently and responsibly deals with the education and training of children and adults, elaborating and using the tools of pedagogical design taking into account the multiple systems of coexistence and the possible existential and social difficulties and fragility. The pedagogist is the point of reference for educators, trainers, animators and teachers for everything related to education.

A fundamental conceptual and professional paradigm of the practice of the profession of pedagogist is education conceived, designed and conducted in the plural values of relationship of help, therapy, counselling, guidance, orientation, qualification, rehabilitation, training.

Our Team is authorized by resolution n. 123 of 28/3/2014 of the Lombardy Region to carry out initial diagnostic and renewal certification activities, valid for school purposes in accordance with the provisions of Law 170/2010.

  • Diagnosis and treatment of Learning Specific Disorders (DSA)
  • Evaluation and treatment of educational and behavioural difficulties
  • Educational and professional guidance
  • Educational counselling

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