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This is the evaluation and intervention on all factors that affect the effectiveness of the worker in the company and organization.

It involves the analysis of the skills and competences of the worker in relation to the tasks, tasks and roles that he or she can or must assume within the company or organization in which it is inserted or must be inserted. The tools are:

  • Job description
  • Personnel selection
  • Organizational analysis
  • Coaching aimed at greater efficiency and adequacy to the role
  • Role playing
  • Retraining
  • Coaching to enhance the characteristics and skills

The psychology of work, or psychology of organizations, is the study of the behavior of people in the workplace and in the performance of their professional activity in relation to interpersonal relationships, the tasks to be performed, the rules and the functioning of the organization.

In other words, the psychology of organizations draws on the models and theories of psychology and applies them to the work environment, trying to:

  • favor both the maximum well-being for the people who work and the maximum benefit for the organization for which they work
  • improve the psychological conditions, motivation and relationships with stakeholders, with the company and with the work environment in general

The psychology of organizations, therefore, uses many of the aspects of general psychology in the organizational-management context. The fields of application of the psychology of organizations are above all: personnel management, leadership, selection, evaluation, professional training, communication and relationships, group dynamics, work motivation, reward system, career development.

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