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Dr. Bergonzi provides this service also in German and Italian.
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This is the evaluation and the eventual intervention related to problems of maladjustment and / or poor academic performance. The tools are interviews and tests that allow to discover the cause (s) of learning difficulties (attention, concentration, memory, etc.) or integration (self-esteem, relationships with classmates or with the scholastic institution and teachers, etc.).

  • Learning problems and academic performance
  • School adaptation problems
  • Strategies for improving study efficiency
  • Strategies to improve school adaptation
  • Learning strategies

In recent years there has been an ever-increasing need for Scholastic Institutes of Educational Psychology interventions. These interventions are represented both by the offer of individual psychological counseling for all the figures working within the school - teachers, pupils, parents - and by activities designed for the class group.

Psychological intervention is a tool that the school can use to develop efficiency in achieving its educational objectives, promoting the promotion of well-being in the school context. Although the school does not have therapeutic tasks, it takes care of any situations of discomfort or problems related to the normal evolutionary path, because interested in learning all in conditions of well-being.

The main functions of the school psychologist are:

  • Promote the psycho-physical well-being of students and teachers
  • Promote students' motivation to study and self-confidence
  • Building a qualifying moment for the prevention of developmental discomfort and early school leaving
  • Promote the orientation process
  • Promote cooperation between schools and families
  • Provide an opportunity to achieve equal educational opportunities

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